How to play NES games and Atari 2600 games on your computer

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First off before we start here – what is an emulator?  An emulator is a program that will allow you to play old video games on your PC. Most of the games that you can play with an emulator are the older games like the ones from the NES system or Atari 2600. Lots of people will download an emulator and then start to download the roms of each video game that they want to add to their collection. This is great but there is a risk involved and that risk is picking up virusus, trojans, malware, and so on to your computer. It’s a sad fact that all of these viruses exist but they are here to stay.Besides the virus attack risk, it would take you hours and hours, if not days to locate and download all of the games that you wanted.

There is a way though, that you can get all of your favorite old school classic games without having to download anything. If you were to Google the term ‘800 old school video games‘ you would find a site that will sell you a collection of 800 old school video games on a CD for only about 2 cents per game. It is a safe alternative for someone who is dying to play all the old classics but wants to receive the games in a safe way. The games are completely identical looking to the games that you used to play at the arcades or on your NES or Atari. Don’t think that these are some imination games or something, it’s the real thing! You can play the games with your keyboard, but I went and bought a USB cable joystick at Tatget and it is much better. If interested, check them out.