How to Prevent Constipation Naturally

How to Prevent Constipation

One of the seldom talked about things is constipation, but it is something that effects almost everybody at least once in their life. It is a source of major discomfort and pain as well as can cause a trip to the hospial for a remedy of severe cases.

This article will give tips on how you can naturally prvent most episodes of constipation.


1. Water is probably the most important ingredient in the relief from many ailments. The same is the case with constipation. If you are dehydrated, you have a good chance of becoming constipated. Prevention of constipation due to dehydration would be to drink plenty of water and juices. Some advice has been to consume about a gallon of water a day. Half of that is in drinking pure/distilled water and the other half is in the consumption of fruits such as melons and tomatoes.

2. Fiber in a large quantity is used to help remedy constipation. A good source of fiber is fruits and vegetables. To increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and their juices.ating naturally fo

3. Eating natural foods over fast and processed foods is always better. Natural foods are generally more acceptable and easier digested by the body than prcessed and fast foods. Fast and processed foods are usually high in ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, that are know to cause constipation as well as other health problems.

4. Food combinations are imortant when considering digestion of food. Different foods are digested in different environments and mismatch of food items, such as steak and potatos, can cause some foods not to be digested properly. Basically proteins and carbohydrates should not be mixed together. Vegetables goes well with carbohydrates and goes well with proteins.

Properly digested foods will help in the prevention of constipation. It also helps with the lose and prevention of fat around the waist/stomach area.

6. Eating the proper portions is good for general health, prevents obesity and digestive disorders such as constipation

5. As the case with general health and wellness, exercise is good with preventing constipation and many other ailments. A walk around the block will do a world of wonder when compared to slouching around on the couch.

These simple tips are good for general health and willness. They will help prevent a many of physical ailments. They are also natural and therefore better for you than remedies that are not natural and that may cause other problems.