How to Prevent The Development of Caries in Children

How to prevent the development of caries in children
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Tatiana Boychenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor of pediatric dentistry Dental Institute KMAPE them. PLShupyk

Cavities in children is often due to poor hygiene care for their teeth. The proper level of hygiene achieved by using quality toothbrushes, corresponding in composition toothpaste, dental floss and spoliskuvachiv (flosses). Particular attention should be paid to brushing technique.

Tips for hygienic care of teeth:
First clean the surface of buccal and labial upper and lower teeth then vertical movements: top – top to bottom, bottom – the bottom up. Making of 5 movements at each pair of teeth, moving the brush from left to right.
Then clean the palate and teeth of language in the same manner.
Then clean the chewing surface of upper first, then – lower tooth movements along and across the teeth by 5 times in each half jaw.
Finish cleaning the “sweeping” movements from left to right, capturing clear, with teeth locked.
Brushing your teeth twice a day you want: the morning after breakfast and evening before bedtime.
After using the toothbrush to wash with warm water, namylyty and put in a glass head up. Before use, wash it thoroughly.
To free interdental spaces of food debris should use special threads – flosses, use what the dentist can teach.
In the afternoon after each meal should spoliskuvaty mouth with water or special solution (on the advice of a doctor).
Chewing gum used only when traditional means fail to care for their teeth.