How to prevent wrinkles.

How to prevent wrinkles

One of the biggest skin care concerns nowadays is premature ageing; this can be anything from fine lines, to liver spots and wrinkles. This is why botox is one of the fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry.

Not all lines are inevitable; there are many things that you can do to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Stop smoking.

Smoking slows down the regeneration process of new cells; it also strips the skin of oxygen. It causes fine lines around the mouth because of the smoker constantly pursing their lips.


Using your day-to-day moisturiser will help your skin to remain smooth. But if you use an intensive moisturiser, it will really improve your skin. You can do this as often as you feel necessary: Apply an intensive moisturiser (or your regular moisturiser) in a thick layer on your face, neck and hands. Leave it on for about ten minutes, then wipe off the excess.

Wear sunscreen.

This is very important, (even if you are not concerned about ageing) the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. The superficial damage to your skin by UV rays is sustained before you are 18 years old. But the underlying damage (skin cancer) can occur at any age.


A lot of what we see on the outside reflects what he have put on the inside.

Vitamins A, B, C and E are all anti oxidants that will help your skin to look healthy.


Our bodies are made of over 90% water. To keep it functioning and looking healthy, we need to top up our supply by drinking plenty of water. Have you ever seen someone’s skin when they are dehydrated? It’s grey, dry and flaky. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid that.


Make sure that you cleanse and exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and keep skin glowing.

Be gentle.

If you are too heavy handed with your skin when cleansing or applying make up or moisturiser, it can drag, scratch or even stretch it. Be gentle, use small stokes or circles and only apply light pressure.