How to Purchase Grocery For Half Its Price

You can take advantage of sales at grocery supermarket to get the best deals. It’s the same as sales in a mall but just much lower in price. Super market has to push all of their products out by a certain date or else they have to throw it away so they would mark it really low so you would buy it all. They would even mark it 50% off just to get it out of the door. They can only keep food for a certain period but they can keep clothing and shoes for much longer so this is why you can shop for so much less. If you notice, on the weekend, or at the end of the months or on a certain date, the entire store will go on sales. This is what happens at Smith or fresh and easy but you don’t see too much of it at Albertson.

I don’t really shop at Albertson and I would recommend that people shop at Smith or Fresh and Easy for more savings. If a store is high ends, you’re paying for their overheads, cleanliness, great service, perfect packaging, and so forth. I guess can skip some of these things in order to save more on the same items. So I would get an item for about $1 at Fresh and Easy and then walk over to Albertson to find that it’s $4. I rather not shop at Albertson. Albertson is one of the worst store compare to fresh and easy or Smith. They’re expensive, and provide terrifying service. Most of the Albertson that I go to, I have to cry because of the poor service. Talking about poor service, it’s time to fix it up Albertson. I wouldn’t give them my business. If you want to save a lot of money, you just have to wait for the cycle sales, usually on the weekend, at the end of the month, when they have to get new items in and let go of older items. Food can only sit in their shelves for a certain numbers of days.

This is why you would always see half off at the meat counter. They have to let it go on sales before a certain number of days before it’s expire. So if you look at an item and it has about three days before it expires or seven days, chances are they will put it on sales soon. When you shop, make sure you look at their sales rack to see what they have. I was happy when I went to fresh and easy and saw that they have a half off rack, where every thing was half off and they were the best deals. They put everything on there, from milk to fruits, to cookies, all for half off, so why do I have to pay more. They also have sales almost every single weekend, because it’s the time that people shop. You get good deals on the weekend.