How to reach out to someone in Need

Even though you want to help someone in need; you also need to be careful and articulate on how you go about helping someone who is clearly in need of a hand up. The world has changed and it is not wise to “just take someone in” to your home any more; or even to just give anyone cash. There are many internet articles and real life accounts of people who have been homeless and who have been robbed or who had to turn good clothes away because they were panhandling and everyone thought they had enough money by the clothes they were wearing. It is wonderful to share when we have enough; just be wise about how to go about it. 

There really are times when people need to be heard first and all else must wait; most people need someone to be patient with them, because people who have been through any type of severe trauma will need to speak from the heart first and not have to be afraid of someone judging anything they say first. 

Do not automatically assume you know what is best at the time or that what you see is the “whole” picture. The person may need something that you can or can’t provide or that you don’t even know about; but the main thing to remember is not to attach your own personal agenda and plans and timetable, etc. to this person’s needs or wants, but to give graciously and openly without strings attached and you can work it out as you go. 

When working with an organization that is helping the person in need, follow the rules and regulations that they have adopted; because again you may not have all of the facts upfront as to why they have set such policies. Once you have all of the facts, then you can decide whether you will choose to work with them also or decide on a different course of action. 

If this person is a friend or a family member just remember to tread lightly because even though this person may already know you; if someone is in need it can be embarrassing to ask for help or even to receive it from someone who is close to them. Especially if the person has been self sufficient for many years and they were depended on to be the giver. So try to be sensitive to the person’s feelings. 

We all go through times in our lives where we are in need of someone to help us get through some rough patches. Please give with an open heart and you will be blessed beyond measure.