How to Save Money At Restaurants


With so many beverages and alcoholic drinks being so overprice in restaurants, drink water with your meal. Not the sparkly water the waiter tries to trick you into ordering. Just simply ask for a cup of water and save denting your wallet.


Try splitting your entree with your partner. Nowadays, some restaurants serve large portions so that you both may be comfortably full. This doesn’t apply at fancy restaurants, as they only serve small portions. However, if you do dine at a restaurant with large servings, take this into account. This is an easy way to help save you some extra money.


Look for any online or newspaper ad discounts at the restaurant you’re planning on dining at. Restaurants often send out coupons or discounts via mail and the internet.


Avoid ordering dessert. Restaurants overprice a lot of their desserts, so instead of ordering one, why not stop by and get your favorite ice cream cone on your way home?