How to Save Money When You're in College For Freshman

Know your major

If you don’t know your major, you will not save money. You will lose a lot of money if you keep on switching major. The majority of students switch majors at least once during their college life. It’s important that you don’t switch major. If you’re not sure, you should stick with general education only so you don’t waste money in your major.

Buy old books

You should never buy new books when you can use old ones. You will save tons of money. Old books will help you save money. You can check for it on Amazon, your local used textbook store and your college textbooks store.

Take only classes that you can handle

If you take too much, you will drop and that will make you lose money. You are most likely to drop if you take too much. Make sure you only take two to three per semester.

Work part time

You should work part time to help cover all costs. If you don’t you will incurred a lot of cost that will not help you later on. Some students literally go broke after college but it shouldn’t be this way. You should work part time to make extra money to pay for your cost.

Don’t drop classes

If you drop classes, make sure it’s before the date where you can still get a refund. If you drop it too late, you will lose your money.

Have a good paying job before you enter college

You should have a good paying job that you learn from a trade school to help you with college. This is recommended for those who can’t afford college. You should take a trade class first, find a good job, and then go to college. There is no hurry for college if you can’t afford it. You won’t get far if you’re financially stuck. You should study trades like being a nail tech, hair stylist, bartenders, driving to help you finance college.