How to Set Google Chrome as Your Default Web Browser

 You might be having Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera installed in your PC. You are having any browser other than Google chrome as your default browser now you experienced chrome for a while and want to set it as your default browser, then this article can help you in setting Google’s Chrome as your default browser in easy steps. 

 Default web browser is the browser on your PC which is used by your OS when a browser is required for example to open shortcuts to web pages or links in your email.

 Here is how to Set Google Chrome as your default web browser

  Open Google Chrome.

  Click the Wrench icon.

 Select Options.

 in Options Dialog box Click on Basics tab.

 Go to Default Browser section.

 Click Make Google Chrome my default browser.

 Now Google Chrome is your Default browser.

  You can download the latest Google Chrome from

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