How To Solve Drought Problems In The United States

As a Master Plumber I believe I have the perfect solution for the United States drought problem that occurs in different parts of the United States at different times of the year and effects all cities.

I’m talking about a project much like the interstate highway system signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower called the National Highway Defense System as it was initially known in June 29, 1956. It was one of those projects known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the United States”.

The Eisenhower interstate system has grown to be valuable beyond its original intent and is a lasting tribute to American ingenuity, ability and strength of purpose. 

My project could also be similar in scope to what we once did in 1933 during the great depression in which there was a large scale public works projects which built dams, bridges, war ships, hospitals, and schools. It may help to revive this economy which seems to be stagnate.

The Highway system has nearly 50,000 miles of road. My project would consist of as many miles as did the highway program and possibly more.

When you listen to your local news in your town and national news you hear about farmers having a drought and will not be able to produce crops for sale. The same holds true to housing developments and cities who have to ration water because of droughts etc.

My idea is to start the (Water Way System) of pipes for our nation throughout America. We begin both projects from the east coast and the west coast and end in the middle.

The pipes connect to existing dams and water storage systems. We have pumping stations located as needed to pump water to cities and pump water to other cites that don’t have enough water that year. We send water to farmers who are having drought and when cities have to much water we build dams to hold the water to use later or deliver right-away to other cities as needed.

This project will create manufacturing and construction jobs all across America. We again will have the ingenuity, ability and strength of purpose as a nation.

Proud to be an American.