How to Steam Crab Legs at Home Without a Steamer

Crab legs are a delicious type of seafood available to most people in the world in some fashion or another. Most of the time they come precooked as well, which is nice because then all you have to do is heat them up in some way. Most cooks like to use a steamer for this because of its ease of use. However, for most people trying to steam crab legs at home, this can be an issue due to the cost of a steamer.

Luckily, I have a way for you to still be able to steam them at home. The easiest way would be using a large pan of water with a rack on top. A rack can be anything that will allow the heated steam to get to the crab legs, so anything that looks like a grill rack would work.

First the morning of or night before, take the crab legs out of the freezer to thaw. Now, place the pot on a burner with the rack on top and let the water reach a boil. At a rolling boil, put the crab legs on the rack to heat up. Keep steaming for about 5 to 7 minutes or until the legs are sufficiently warm. They’re now ready to be eaten!

Also to add some extra flavor, serve with some lemon wedges and butter. You could also season the water being used for the steam. Placing some garlic, lemon drops, or whatever else into the pot will go a long way to improving the overall taste.