How to Super Hide Your Folders on Your Computer.

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We all are aware on how to hide folders from other people who may use our computer, we do the basic right click on the folder, go to its properties and then select “hidden”, but the problem with this is that everyone who has little knowledge of computer know how to un-hide all the folders. Now this causes a concern to many, so this comes really useful when you have your computer being shared by more than one person.

There are lot of software’s available on the Internet which hide your folders but its of no use because the other persons will definitely come to know about the software, and might even tamper it or worse if he is the administrator he might even uninstall it. There a bunch of paid version softwares which only few people want to afford on those.

So here is a way you can use the powerful tool which is built-in all the windows which can do the trick, so why to be so insecure when we have the command prompt on our side which can do this for us without even letting other people know that a folder has been hidden

All you have to do is open command prompt i.e., click “start” select run on the right side and then type cmd and press enter (for windows xp)

For people who use windows vista/7, you cannot find the “run” option on the right side, so what you can do is type “command prompt” on the “search program and files” and select command prompt in the list above.

An easy way to open the command prompt is using the key board shorcut “win+R” which brings up “run” now you can type “cmd” and press enter.

Now suppose the folder that you want to hide is named as 123 and it is located in the C:/ drive,

So type C: and press enter

Now type the following code :-

To hide the folder:


attrib +h +s foldername


So the code for the folder “123” would be as


attrib +h +s 123


To un-hide the folder:


attrib -h -s foldername


so the code to un-hide the folder “123” would be


attrib -h -s 123


Easy and effective!

Note: You cant detect this folder even if you do an advanced search of your computer and also it wont show up if you un-hide all your hidden files and folders, so take care not to forget it. It would be recommended that you create a list of the folders and their locations and save them for future reference.