How To Survive In A Bad Economy

The economy has failed a lot of us. There are many people that are just barely surviving on unemployment. I have been lucky to have some help from my parents so I can do other kind of work but if you’re by yourself then it’s very difficult. Well, for once we know that the economy is getting back up with those rescue plans. We at least know that it’ll be better somewhat in the future. If you just hold on and try to do some less prestigious jobs than when it gets back up you can start to enjoy life. The economy is in its worst shape then ever. Who would never thought that the US  would be at this point again but that’s what wars do to your country’s finances. It just ruins the economy. We have to spend so much on fighting the war. Everything is shifted to fighting the war. The president is not even focusing on the US. He’s busy winning the war and we can’t blame him because terrorism is not good for us either. Either way we have lost it during this Bush administration. We hope that President Obama would change a few things for us. In this tough time you can learn to work together with people and make it through the tough weather.

You can try to get a less glamorous job and try to do your best at it. There are still plenty of industries thriving in this failed economy. We see the entertainment, food, casino, and internet still going great at it. You can join one of these industries and make things better for yourself. You can become a food manager for awhile, a bartender, a waiter, a casino dealer or just a hotel clerk. They’re less glamorous but at least you can make some money until you get your normal job back. Most places are doing well on the internet. You can try doing some freelance work like offering your expertise to people like tax services or legal services or fixing their cars. You can a lot still to survive after all we’re in the US
and not some third world country with any jobs opportunities.You can move back in with your family if you’re living by yourself as moving back in would help you out financially. I think that you can make some extra money by doing some freelance work online like writing , building websites, selling on ebay and doing some marketing for company. The list is endless if you put your thought to it. I think that you can cut down on spending like a new car, cable, smoking, drinking, going out too much, or just reckless shopping like how many of us love to do. You can learn to be more frugal in this tough time of the economy.