How to Throw an 80S Theme Party

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So how fun would it be to go all out and throw an 80’s theme party? Do you remember the days of the Rubik’s Cube, Pac-Man, big hair bands, phrases like “totally awesome”, and of course you can’t forget Ferris Bueller? If you remember any of these you’re on the right track, but it takes a few key ingredients to throw a sensational 80’s party!

Costumes are required

Make it clear on the invite you must come in 80’s gear or you are not allowed to enter. It shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a trashy look from the 80’s. Think of Madonna, Miami Vice, White Snake, Blondie, and anyone from “Pretty in Pink”. The key here is the bigger and bolder the better. Remember BIG HAIR, for women it was a competition to see who could produce the biggest hair-do. For men it was spiked and wild! If you need some suggestions try leg-warmers, rolled up jeans, “Member’s Only” jackets, leather cutoffs, wristbands, and jelly bracelets. Now that’s style!

The Movies and TV of the 80’s

Be sure to include movies and TV shows from the 80’s in the background to set the mood. Shows like the “A-Team”, “Knight Rider”, and “Mash” are good. Also include movies like “Pretty in Pink”, “Ferris Bueller”, “Real Genius”, and others as this visual can help set the tone of the party. 

Games of the 80’s

Don’t forget the video games! Many stores carry small Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and other portable retro style video games. Also, nothing beats a good game of Twister. Work these into your party and maybe even a little 80’s trivia! 

The Music of the 80’s

This is the most important aspect of your theme party. It is critical to have the right music as the 80’s decade was defined by the music. From the Cure, to Depeche Mode, to Debbie Gibson, to A-HA, and the Bangles, the 80’s was a decade full of unique and fun music. Stay away from karaoke because it always ends up being the drunk trying to sing that takes away from the party. While at times this can be entertaining it can quickly deteriorate. Hire a professional Houston DJ to perform at your party and look for one that specializes in 80’s music. Whether you want the pop sound or the alternativeclub sound of the 80’s, a good 80’s disc jockey should be able make the party come alive “like totally!” Sorry I couldn’t resist.