How to Tie a Necktie

Step 1

Wrap the tie around your neck so that the thick end hangs down on your right side with the tip at about knee-length and the small end down on your left side to about 6-8 inches from your chin.

Step 2

Now cross the small end underneath the thick end and hold them in place where they intersect with your right thumb on the bottom and your right pointer finger and right middle finger on top.

Step 3

Now, while still holding the two ends at point of intersection with your right hand, simultaneously pull the thick end toward you and up through the whole that was created in step #2.

Step 4

Now hold onto the small end with your right hand and cross the thick end under and to the right of the knot. While you do this, switch your hands so that when your done, your left hand is holding the small end and your right hand is holding the thick end.

Step 5

Now, take the thick end and pull it through the whole from the top and continue to pull it down through until the knot is snug.

Step 6

Then, pull the thick end over the top and to the left of the knot and bring it back up through the whole again. Now your right hand should be holding the small end and your left hand should be holding the thick end.

Step 7

Take the thick end and pull the tip up toward your chin. Now pull it through the middle of the knot. There’s only one place to go in the middle so you can’t miss it.

Step 8

Now wrap your left thumb, pointer, and middle fingers around the thick end at the base of the knot and hold it securely.

Step 9

Simultaneously push up the base of the knot toward your neck and pull down on the small end so that the knot comes snuggly against your neck.

Step 10

Now just put the small end through the loop on the back of the tie and you’re done!