How to Tie Your Shoelaces

Put on your shoes. Grab one shoelace with each hand, the left one with your left hand and the right one with your right hand.

Gently pull the shoelaces up so that they tighten against the shoe. Wrap the right lace around the left lace from the back and put the right lace through the hole created at the bottom; now pull up on both laces to tighten them against the shoe.

Now, drop the right lace. With both hands make a loop with the left lace by grabbing it closer to the shoe with your right hand and closer to the end of the lace with your left hand. Now pinch the bottom of the loop between your index finger and thumb.

Next, while still holding the loop together at the bottom with your left hand, take the right lace and wrap it around the loop so that the right lace touches your index finger and thumb that are holding the bottom of the loop. Once wrapped around, the right lace should be touching or very close to the tip of your thumb. Then with your right index finger, push the middle of the right lace(not the tip) under your thumb.

Finally, simultaneously let go of the big loop that you made earlier and grab the part of the right lace that you just put under your thumb and pull both parts. This will create two big loops. That’s the basic method. Now, if you want to double-knot them all you have to do is repeat step 4.