How To Treat Your Acid Relux With Home Remedies

 Alot of times your dealing with acid refux due to the foods you have eaten. Try to recognize what foods are upsetting you and try to avoid them. Some commen foods that will cause acid reflux are caffeine, soda, candy and anything spicy. However everyone is different and yours may be caused by something unlike anyone else. In which cases sometimes its best to ask your doctor if the symptoms to not go away. But here is what I found to be very helpful for myself when I was having my first child.

My number one favorite is apples. Yes thats right, just something as simple as an apple. As soon as you feel the acid reflux coming on eat an apple. You should start to feel a difference within a couple minutes. It will actually neutralize the stomach acid and cause your symptoms to go away. Appples are also great for your digestive tract. Like the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

Another one you can try is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed into a large glass of room temperature water. It will not take long to start working and if you don’t mind the apple cider vinegar taste it will prove to be very helpful.

Saurkraut juice is another one you could use. The saurkraut juice will act as a neutralizer and even cool. If you don’t mind the taste of saurakraut then this one is also very effective. I found that it wll work for about 12-14 hours. That enough for a good night sleep!

Hopefully some of these technique can help someone with their acid reflux, but again always consult with your doctor about your acid reflux if it does not go away.