How to Type Skillfully


Often we use the keyboard for various things, for example to write letters, write your name, chatting, etc. But did you realize that you used always the same fingers to type and usually people just use their seven of ten fingers available to type fast. As evidence I’m sure you rarely even never use the thumb to type, it would be useful if it is appropriately used.

Firstly, to type using 10 fingers skillfully, we must know the correct finger position. See the image below :

Finger Position

Left hand

Little finger :
First row = ‘ and 1
Second row = Tab and Q
Third row = Caps Lock and A
Fourth row left Shift and Z
Fifth Row = Ctrl and Windows

Third finger :
First row = 2
Second row = W
Third row = S
Fourth row = X

Middle Finger:
First row = 3
Second Row = E
Third row = D
Fourth row = C

First row = 4 and 5
Second row = R and T
Third row = F and G
Fourth row = V and B

Fifth row = left Alt and Spacebar

Right hand

Fifth row = Right Alt and Spacebar

First row = 6 and 7
Second row = Y and U
Third row = H and J
Fourth row = N and M

Middle Finger:
First row = 8
Second row = I
Third row = K
Fourth row =,

Third finger :
First row = 9
Second row = O
Third row = L
Fourth row =.

Little finger:
First row = 0, -, = and Backspace
Second Row = P, [, ] , \
Third row = ; , ‘ and Enter
Fourth row = / and right shift.

Try to type randomly any word to familiarize your fingers to the positions. Then, you can improve your skills by using any typing tutor software such as Touch Typing Tutor freeware that you can download freely.