How To Update Your Twitter Status Automatically Without Sign In

Apparently many people are looking for ways to update twitter status automatically. I have a way to update your twitter status automatically without sign in to your twitter account or or install any software to your computer.

The way I use this is to use add-on feature called Firefox TwitterBar. Well, little memory consuming is having to install the add-on and use the Firefox browser. This add-on can only be run on Mozilla Firefox 2.0 – 3.5.

How to update Twitter status automatically without sign in:

  1. Install TwitterBar add-on
  2. Restart your Firefox browser
  3. In the browser, click Tools > Add-ons.
  4. In Add-ons window click Extensions > Options.
  5. Follow the settings below:
    1. You should check the first option in order to logout from your twitter account.
    2. You can choose either URL shortener by or automatic url shortenet (the Twitter to do so).
  6. Write something in your address bar (the first status was not posted on ypur Twitter), it would appear a login to your twitter account (only once login and for all if the add-on is there in your browser
  7. Click Allow for the next quetion.
  8. Now you can update your status on Twitter without sign in!

To try it:

  1. Logout from your Twitter account.
  2. Write something on your address bar (this time your status will be posted).
  3. Then click the Twitter icon (the letter ‘t’ will be transformed into the ‘+’ sign) at the right of address bar to post your status.
  4. Tarrraaa! Your status successfully posted by TwitterBar

If you want to read this article in the Indonesian language, visit this link: Update Status Twitter Secara Otomatis Tanpa Sign In. Ow! Don’t forget to: Follow Me On Twitter. God bless you and have a nice day.