How to Use Spell Check or ieSpell on your Computer


Z1BVACANFQNAHCAASAXW0CABTNN66CAKG388VCAQ Using your computers tool bar

Sometimes we’re in a hurry to publish our articles on ehow, and we skip the step of spell check, or we figure the ehow spell check is showing only “blank”. You can remedy this by using your own computer’s tools.

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 There are many people viewing your articles, no matter what the subject is. You may be writing about computers, family relationships,networking, whatever it is, it’s important to have your article look as professional as it can be. Go to your ie explorer toolbar if that is what you are using, or firefox, and look for the tools button. Click on the tab and a little menu will pop up. Check the button that says ‘ieSpell’ or spell-checker. You may be surprised at how many little errors you have made in your mad dash to publish your newest ehow story or story on bukisa or any blog service you may be using.

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When your article is complete and ready to be published you will feel much more an accomplished writer if you just take the time to use your ieSpell. The downfalls of not using it, is your ratings may not be as high, and your article may not be taken as seriously as you desired. Remember, STOP, it only takes a minute to polish your writings!