How to Use Velcro Around the House

To prevent your walls from having too many holes in them, use velcro to hangpcitures on your walls, or anything else you may be hanging on the walls.

If your shirt keeps on gaping open in the front, put a small strip of velcro between the fabric to keep it shut. This one can be a real life saver if your in a workplace and your shirt won’t stay shut.

If your rug slips a lot from the hard wood floors being to slippery or the laminate in your kitchen being too slick, put velcro on the floor and stitch it to the rug to prevent this. This is also useful if you have cats or dogs that like to rough house that move the carpet everywhere.

You may also have a similar problem with seat cushions staying on kitchen chairs. Just put some velcro on the chair and seat cushion.

To make clean up easier and a little more fun for little ones, use velcro on walls to hold things like stuffed animals.