How to Use Wikinut to Your Advantage to Make Money And Get Traffic


Wikinut is a strange beast.  On the one hand, you will make money based upon a certain number of page impressions.  Then if you read the way, you can make more money with wikinut you will find the key to how the money is in fact made.

Often, you traffic to your wikinut pages will see a big bold picture on the left hand side, and will choose to ignore it.  This is to your detriment, as part of payments from wikinut comes from people clicking on these ads.  You as the author get 50 percent of the royalties from these ads.  You also make often less than a pence a day with page impressions.

The main problem with these ads is that they are not always similar, if at all, to your actual page.  So if you are looking to make money with wikinut you need to create a lot of pages, but also have people (other people not you!) who will also click on these bright ads.  This is why some people make the statement that they can make 25 pence (they pay in British pounds) in one day or more.  The reason that they have this number is not because of page impressions, which helps, but because of the click on these ads.

Where can you find this information?  On one of these wikinut pages, which are published, is found various sections.  So although you will be paid based upon page impressions, your main goal is to get about 300 visits per day to capture that elusive 25 pence or more.

This is not to suggest that they need to change these ads, I personally think that text based ads will make more money, but they should consider where these ads are placed, and also what sort of ads they are getting.  This is a big professionalism factor for many websites.  Understanding that wikinut is a newer website is one thing, but the fact that they pay both by page impressions and by royalties should be made clearer to the general user.  This all about getting paid or working with Google AdSense.

So how would you use wikinut to your advantage to make money and get traffic?  Simple, create about three pages a day of about 400 words and add three links to outside sources and one link to another wikinut page.  For some websites, such as hubapges and Squidoo they are recorded as having a new domain, and also, this allows you to add a link  to your Bukisa articles, which are paid clearly by qualified page impressions.  This way you increase traffic to your Bukisa page and then, your wikinut page will make a few pence over the course of a week.