How to Wear your baby in a Mei Tai: Front Carry

Front carry:

Step 1.

Tie the waist straps around your waist, with the Mei Tai hanging down in front.

Step 2.

Pick up baby and hold against your chest.

Step 3.

Pull the body of the Mei Tai up to cover baby’s back. The Mei Tai comes in between baby’s legs so that baby is now in a seat (tiny babies may be more comfortable with one leg in/one leg out, or with both legs in froggy style or crossed).

Step 4.

Put the shoulder straps over each shoulder to hang behind you.

Step 5.

Hold baby with your left hand, and reach your right hand behind your back to grab the strap over your left shoulder. Then hold baby with your right hand (strap and all) while reaching back with your left hand to grab the strap coming over your right shoulder. The straps should form an X on your back. Once you have a hold of both straps and they are pulled taut, your baby is supported and does not need your hand under baby’s bottom. Now pull the straps tightly until baby is high and tight on your chest–you should be able to kiss baby on the forehead.

Step 6.

Pull the straps around your sides to tie behind baby’s back.

Step 7.

Or tie under baby’s bottom.

Step 8.

Or cross the straps on baby’s back, bring the straps under baby’s legs, and tie around your waist in the back.

Baby’s arms can be in or out of the Mei Tai depending on preference. Babies who need head support will have their arms in and the back of the Mei Tai will support their heads (also nice for sleeping babies and discrete nursing).