How to Write 500 Articles for Bukisa

Is your goal as a freelance writer to write 500 articles for your site? Perhaps it’s Bukisa or eHow. Writing 500 articles is a lofty goal, but one that can be achieved with persistence.

You will need to research. Research a lot of writers and articles on your site, such as Bukisa. Try not to write too much on the same subjects. On the other hand, find out what is popular and try to give it a new slant from your own personal knowledge and point of view. People always love to hear about food, diet, losing weight and money. Finding a niche and writing on it can be very lucrative, but the above topics are popular and each of us has our own view.

Research on the web. Once you’ve determined what you want to write about, read more about it. You may have vast knowledge on certain subjects, but researching further can help give your articles the extra quality that they need. Researching on the web can also give you a better idea of what people are looking for and what they would like more information about.

Give yourself an article ‘goal’. Perhaps you can write one article a day, maybe you can write five. Set yourself a guideline and stick to it. If you write one a day, at the end of the month, you will have 30 articles; at the end of the year, you will have 365.

Most writers are writing to make money. Sometimes, if you write an article without that in mind, you will find that it ends up being a money maker. On a day that you are feeling particularly humorous, write an article just to entertain. Perhaps it will be a hit. Once in a while write an article that interests you and only you but write it from your heart instead of your wallet. Sometimes these ‘off the track’ articles find an audience.

Persistence and discipline are always the key to getting anything done. Manage your time well and stick with your guidelines!

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