How to Write Ehow ArticlesThat Make Money


First, the simplest thing to do is write about something that you have a lot of knowledge on. The trick here is to create your title and your opening paragraph to contain as many highly searchable keywords. This is because the search engine determines the relevancy of your article by these keywords.


Next, get familiar with using Google AdWord and Google Suggest. These will help you acquire some information on what keywords are being searched the most.


In order to make money off of your articles, you will need diversity in your writings. Write on various topics. In addition, use the time of the year to write articles relating to it. For example, write about Christmas during November and December. During the spring, write on how you can get a flat stomach, ways to save money during a recession, etc.


Do not simply count on making money by the views of your Ehow friends. You will need a whole lot of views than just from your Ehow friends. This is why it is important to to learn how to write relevant web content . You could also try posting on other blogs including Facebook, Xanga, and Myspace. Tell your friends about your site.


Last but not least, I have learned that articles pertaining to money and relationships tend to fetch the most views and money in general. Try writing some interesting topics on these and who knows, maybe you’ll hit the spot!


Remember, keep writing. I can not emphasis this enough. Many people give up because they see that they are not earning as much besides a couple cents. It takes time to settle in, and patience and the strength to keep writing is by far the best way to earn more and more money on Ehow. Good luck and don’t give up!