How to Write Online Articles Effortlessly

Learning how to write articles effortlessly is just like learning any other skill; it requires practice.  Every writer will struggle at first, but as a writer gains experience, the article writing process will grow easier and more effortless.  While there is no substitute for experience, there are a few hints and tips that will help you become a more productive writer by making the article writing process easier.

The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to focus on a topic which captures your passions and interests.  It is much easier to write about something that is interesting to you than something that is not.  If you possess a great amount of knowledge on one particular subject, the writing process will be easy and words will flow from your fingertips like water from a faucet.

Another tip is to develop an article structure.  Since most articles only need to be around four or five paragraphs, this should not be very difficult.  An article needs a good opening paragraph, a good closing paragraph, and  two or three paragraphs containing the “meat” of the article.

If you stick to the same basic structure, writing an article is nothing more than a game of fill in the blanks.  Sometimes it may be easier to write your opening paragraph and your closing paragraph and then go back to write the content in between.  Think of this method as making an “article sandwich”.  Once you have your two slices of bread, all you have to do is supply the meat.  

Discipline is another important skill when it comes to writing articles.  A writer who produces articles on a daily basis will learn and hone their craft much more quickly than someone who writes intermittently.  In this sense, article writing is just like physical exercise.  It may seem laborious and tedious at first, but as you become accustomed to it, it will become easier and easier.  Before long it may even become effortless.

 Of course, effortless writing is a bit of a misnomer.  A good writer may be able to write effortlessly, but any great writer will admit that some effort is involved in order to produce a quality article.  Quality should always be a top priority, not quantity.  However, if you can combine both quality as well as quantity, then you will be very successful when it comes to writing articles.