How would the Bush Cheney legacy be remembered

Bush-Cheney legacy will be remembered as protectors from terrorism. They wage war with Iraq to stop all the thoughts of future terrorists attack. Bush did the right thing to protect America because if he didn’t pursue the war, I might not be here today to write this article. It seem to me that the terrorists were very determined and consistent with their attack. 9/11 was one of the saddest moment in history for the people of America because we were caught off guarded. This teaches us that the next president will have to keep a good eye on our country safety for sure. The next president will have to watch out for terrorism’s on a daily basis. It’s scary to even think of any possible attack. It seems like the terrorists are more angry than ever because we went to war with their country. Revenge is sure on their mind.

Because of the war in Iraq and intense homeland security methods that we are able to maintain in our safety zone. If little was done by the GWB’s administration, I would feel that most of the US would be destroyed by those bombers already. It’s scary but I think the terrorists don’t mind destroying us all with the plan that they did on 9/11 and they do viciously as a suicide mission. I think that the terrorists are lethal and that they still haven’t given up on their notion of destroying the US. I think that for the rest of human kind time we will always have to keep an eye out for terrorists.

It’s the best thing that Bush did for the country. He went to war. He protected our country. Warfare is one of the most difficult thing for a president’s administration but also for the entire country and the lives of all those wounded soldiers. War will drag all of us down to the bottom as we have experienced in the economy since the war started. Not that many president have the kind of bad luck that Bush did when they step into office and we have to give him so much credit for suffering continuously for us. Bush and all of his army. We might say things on the arrogant side because we’re sitting at home comfortably with our glass of cocktails because we’re not those soldiers that are dying out there every single day. We are not away from our home. We are not away from our family. We are not living in terror like the soldiers and like the team of officers in Iraq. Sure it’s easier for us just to sit home and make arrogant criticism because it’s easier said than done.

We have to look at the war as the thing to do. Bush doesn’t have any other better choice. He can stay home and not wage war but that would not send Iraq a good message that we mean business with them. If we don’t defend our country, the terrorists will attack us more because they think that we don’t have the guts to put a stop to anything. All those lives lost on 9/11 is too much already. America has been insulted and destroyed by the terrorists. We needed to act, to give them a good message that we won’t surrender. The terrorists are cold blooded people who will not think twice about any future attack. Their main motive is to destroy America. We had to act. Bush did the best thing that he could do in the mean time. If you were him, you would do the same thing to.