How you can lose weight without going to the gym?

Going to the gym might be a good exercise to drop pounds but there is more necessary to reach your goals. It is even possible you don’t lose pounds and gain weight. The most common reason is that you build more muscles and causes that you gain weight. The weight of your muscles can be heavier than the fat you lost.

There is more necessary than just exercising and maybe you prefer other exercises to drop the pounds you want to lose. You also need a healthy lifestyle and a well balanced diet is really important. Another important factor is courage and discipline; many people start an exercise program but after several weeks they don’t have the courage anymore because they don’t like the exercise or they don’t see any result in the first weeks. You always need patience to drop pounds; there is no magic formula to drop your pounds immediately and where you can enjoy a lasting effect.

Here are some tips which may help you to lose weight without going to the gym:

*Choose an exercise you like

Going to the gym is a good exercise for your health and there are exercises which are useful for almost every sport, for example stretching exercises, jumping, weight training etc. You can choose for going to gym but it is maybe better to choose another exercise if you don’t like gymnastic exercises all the time. Maybe you prefer walking, swimming, cycling or some other exercises and you will keep better your exercise routine if you choose one of the exercises you like.

It may also help to do a variation of different exercises. There is no need for one specific exercise; the frequency is more important than the choice of your exercise. Walking can be considered as the best exercise to lose weight if you walk for at least one hour. You also burn more fat than most other exercises but the best exercise for dropping pounds is the one you like, otherwise you don’t fulfill your exercise program.

*Make exercise to a habit

Walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming are excellent exercises if you want to drop some pounds but the key for losing weight is making exercise to a habit. It is important you make exercise as a priority of your day and you need to exercise at least three times each week for minimum one half an hour.  It is maybe a good idea to join a club and you can exercise together with some other people.

You can also make an appointment with some friends and you will certainly not forget to exercise. A notebook where you write down all your experiences during your exercise can help you too. It can be important to notify the weather circumstances and all your experiences during your exercise. Also the duration of your exercise in an important issue which you certainly have to write down. Your notebook can serve as a guide for improving your condition and help you to make chances which can help to lose some extra pounds.

*A well balanced diet

No matter which exercise you choose, you always have to eat healthy. If you exercise you burn more fat and you need some extra substances in your daily diet to provide the necessary energy. It is important you limit fat in your diet; only saturated fats which you can find in fatty fish, for example sardines, mackerel will benefit your health and will help you to lower cholesterol. You need a diet with the necessary proteins, vitamins, high fiber and the necessary carbohydrates.

*Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial to improve your immune system and cleans your body. Drinking plenty of water is necessary to hydrate your body. It is better drinking water than most other beverages because these contains mostly sugar or some other additives which increases your quantity of calories. You also need to spread drinking water throughout the day and you can’t never drink water too much in one day. The only thing you need to avoid is drinking an excess of water in a short time.  You need trying to avoid becoming thirsty because this is already a sign that you are dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water can be considered as a miracle cure to lose weight if you pay attention to all the other important issues for losing weight, for example exercise and a well balanced diet.

*Avoid smoking and limit drinking alcoholic beverages

Smoking will drop pounds but it is unhealthy and burns the necessary nutrients that your body needs. Smoking will always affect your health negatively and chances are high you will suffer several diseases after some time, for example cancer, lung problems. Smoking will also affect your exercise results negatively. Your lung capacity will be lower and you are sooner tired.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is also a bad habit if you want to lose weight. You will gain fast some extra pounds and causes dehydration.

*Limit drinking beverages with caffeine

It may not hurt your health if you drink some beverages with caffeine but these beverages causes also dehydration. If you drink one cup of coffee, you need to drink at least one glass of water to recuperate your loss of water.

It is perfectly possible to drop pounds without going to the gym. You only need to ensure you avoid taking diet pills because these don’t have a lasting effect and the side effects can hurt your general health. Exercising on a regularly basis (at least three times each week), a well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, positive thinking and avoiding stress are the keys to drop the pounds you want to lose.