Htc Desire S

HTC Desire S comes in the market to enter in the race of Android. It has display screen of 3.7 inches and offers us 480 x 800 resolutions. Along with that it offers us 1 GHz single core processor but its rivals now move to dual core processor and the feature of Sense UI. Due to the upgraded version of Android 2.3 its RAM is increased to 1GB.

The chassis of the smartphone is made of aluminum. It offers us 60 x 115 x 11.6mm dimension and has 130g weights only. Now it has some improvements in video recording and now captures the videos with 720p and has unchanged five megapixels camera. Now in it we can see the addition of geo tagged feature in photos and will the option of face detection which means that we can leave camera at autofocus. Along with that this smartphone offers us many effects which include vignette, dots, distortion, depth of field and many more.

When talk about its wireless technology, it has 14.4 Mbps HSDPA 3G and the support of Wi-Fi 802.11n. Company said that they have increase the battery timing of the smartphone about 20 percent of other smatphones and is available in the market at the price of £400.

Now we can record H.264 in 3GP file format but it will comes out some odd specifications. We can play videos with bitrate of 8Mbps.

It is the sole purpose of the company to match with iPhones and this is the reason they are trying hard to make smartphones which can capture customer attention. It might be the reason that they beat Nokia and capture 3rd place in market of smartphones. This smartphone is operated on Android operating system because they think that the smartphones HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia 7 have been crushed but the smartphones which are operated on Android are still ahead in the competition.

To be operated on Android, we can get multiple home screens on which we can see shortcuts or place widgets to apps. For activating Leap View we can touch it and it will show all home screens instantly. To contact we can use people app and by using this apps we can see contacts which are most recently used on the top.