Human Knowledge Emotionally Shifts, Darts, Flickers; Divine Wisdom Remains Unmoved, Unimpressed And Disinterested

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology: Wisdom abides beyond the approachability of human error or divine grace.

Half of truth is knowledge.

 For as with any verbalized truth, only one side of it can be voiced at any one time. Knowledge bases it foundation partly on the conviction of the speaker and the other part on what is presumably known at the time. Yet, knowledge shifts, turns, spins, jumps, advances and retreats. The very opposite of verbalized expressed truth remains just as true, even if one never embraces the ‘as/when/if’ concept. But, if one understands and accepts that the very opposite of what has been expressed is just as true, then he/she readily acknowledges duality as the fictitious culprit of delegated misunderstanding. 

The expressed version of truth remains completely and utterly erroneous as a dependable foundation upon which to stand.  Matters not which side of truth one cares to express, for either version depicts a verifiable version of knowledge that can be challenged at all times with equal precision and tenacity.

Knowledge can suddenly transform into folly solely based upon the mind set and emotional biased mental agility of the speaker.

However wisdom can never be expressed for it surpasses all knowledge. It is neither here nor there, possessing neither bias nor predilection. Disinterested, unmovable and impersonal, wisdom will not be wooed, caressed or manipulated in a direction or course of action.

 Impossible to be uttered, yet powerfully influential in guiding what will be. Untouchable as far as any human being able to possess or dismount it at will.  Wisdom abides beyond the approachability of human error or divine grace.

In order for knowledge to be expressed, a conveyer and the conveyed must be equally present which presents a daunting position of duality.  Changeable and fickle, truth will skirt, dance, flicker and dart in more corners of reproach than a square corn field maze.

 Agitated arguments, fierce fights, dissonant disseminations and unimaginable dissolutions, in the most steadfast of relationships, have been destroyed for the lauded prize of being right or caressing the vase of the so-called knowledge of truth.

When one must use language in any form, to express an idea, the mere hint of its non-verifiable of ineffectual communication can be realized. Wisdom exists in silence. The breath holds the ineffable glory of the unspoken!  

The transmission of words loses the viable concept in translation and interpretation.

When a messenger relays a precedent of an uplifting and edifying message, based in human knowledge, that is conveyed-distributing the joys of the benefit and pleasure attached- to ultimate spiritual reality, the same messenger could just as easily convey the message where the meaning associated is promoted, attended and ascribed to nothing.

Not on a different day, from a different person but on the same day from the same person. Messages are personal, emotional, and self-servingly beneficial on some level to the speaker of the proposed knowledge.

 Knowledge is not wisdom and can never be. Wisdom belongs to god; whatever our sublime ideal transfers to us in symbolic terms, not to be confused with a personal loving caring interested entity.

Wisdom is universal and impersonal. No respecter of persons.  Wisdom holds that every each and every soul of the individual is the unified galactic soul of the cosmos.  That same inexpressible core resides in all of us.

Nothings exist outside of this cosmological human vehicle expressed soul-full god!  Anything that appears to exist outside of this unceasing penetrating all pervasive cosmological god infused continuation, does not, in fact, exist. Some may refer to this incomprehensible delusion as illusion:  Maya. 

 In other feeble words, ultimate expressible reality, as we perceive it, is beyond distinction and description.

Wisdom is utterly indispensably impersonal and we as, the human expressions of that god infused wisdom are totally impersonal. We have very distinct ideas about being impersonal, impartial and universal. 

 We want to be different, unique, ‘set apart’ and special. Contrary to all of our ingenious ways to prove ourselves as caring, loving, interested, involved and dedicatedly supportive individuals, the ‘wisdom of the matter’ silently conveys differently.

We, in divine wisdom, are utterly undifferentiated.  We are not self-conscious nor are we self-determined. We have nothing to prove and no one to prove it to. We are not impressed nor do we invite the reference to impress.

We are possessed at our nondual core in complete indistinguishable unity.  In other words, we are unaware of our unawareness.  Personality in god’s wisdom is void, non-existent and silent.  

We, as human beings, are full of complex varicose veined personalities.  In order to realize wisdom, we surrender without knowing we have done so, and being able to recognize, to the limitless void. PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

           Now, pure consciousness has nothing whatsoever to do with the relative definition we are so accustomed to. We are not aware of our connection for we constitute the connection in unbiased undifferentiated unutterable wisdom.

 No contradiction involved in the state of absolute being. 

 Yet, to be is NOT to know that we are. No need to be forgiven for we are one with the debt being paid yet unaware of how, when, who, where or in what situations. Our eyes continually betray us when we look for justice and morality.

Alleviating suffering is impossible for all will serve their time according to unbreakable cosmological laws.

We are not capable of judging the acts of goodness or evil in others.  Our eyes, ears, mouths and emotions are belatedly tainted and distorted. We see what we want to see and deny all that will not benefit or exalt. 

 But the indestructibly wise soul neither interferes nor intervenes on these matters of complicated, complex ego-driven insatiable desire coated dissertations.  

If we would but reflect on the wise reverberations in countless myths, parables, stories and fables:  nothing to go back to, nothing to lead into, nothing to see, nothing to do, all is presently here and seem to pass through the escaping illusionary moment of time.  

But, as with their endearing underlying irrevokable wisdom, we unavoidably realize with certainty that the words in the stories are inconsequential; what is important is the silently conveyed undercurrent of the message of paramount phantom incorruptibility.

We reside in the vast unknown no matter how we try to make it known and redundantly permanent.  We none have personal histories except full of paradoxes, ambiguities, and distorted half-truths.

 Nothing to stand upon except for the indeterminable moment of wisdom not yet experienced.