I Got Audited by The Irs

It’s not fun when you get audited by the IRS. You have to pay your dues. What was even worse was that you can’t just throw the bill away. You have to pay them or else the interest rate will go up. This is the first time that I got audited in the last 13 years that I’ve worked. I guess this is the first time that the government is broke and this is why they went after everyone to get some money back. The government is really broke. They’re really broke. I’ve never gotten audited before and I think that they have begin to do it because they could use some extra money. This looks like president Obama tactic anyways.

I was kind of shock when I got the audit but it wasn’t for a high amount plus I made a mistake for the numbers anyways so it wasn’t like they were trying hard to audit me. I made a big mistake. I also forgot to include one of my unemployment check and they got me for that too. The IRS is way too aggressive. I would suggest that people do their taxes right and save their receipts or else the IRS would come to them.

I pay my bill but I’m not really that happy. Why did they have to audit me out of all of the millionaires who cheat anyways? They should audit those people. I guess I learn my lesson. You have to pay the IRS what you owe them. I’m sure there are those that got audit worse than I did. So if you don’t want the IRS to come and audit you, you have to do everything right. The IRS is one place that can get you. They will come to you quicker than you will learn about it. If you do get audited, all you have to do is pay your bills or dispute it by providing proofs.