I Listen The Spirit's Whisper–Part One

Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur

Gerald said, “It all started when I met those Mormon missionaries, who at that time preaching the Gospel in our town. And they persuaded me to join with their mission. On February 06, 1994, I converted and officially joined the Mormon. I was baptized at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, despite my family had opposed my decision.”

Gerald is the eldest son of a brood of seven. His parents are Catholic. He’s energetic, smart and a friendly type of a person. He only finished his third year at high school. He’s a loving son. He lives with his family in Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur.

The Beginning of Mormon Religion

The Mormon religion started 400 years A.D. when a Mormon who lived in the ancient America had compiled the writings of other prophets written on metal plates. When Prophet Mormon was dying, he passed on those plates to his son Moroni, who eventually became the messenger of God. Moronikept those metal plates at the hill of Cumurah and later he passed away of old age.

On September 22, 1823 Prophet Moroni, was believed had resurrected and visited a young boy named Joseph Smith and told Joseph about the revelation of God, written on metal plates in an old Egyptian’s language. He guided Joseph to the place where he kept the Holy Writ and instructed Joseph to translate those writings to English language.

Joseph Smith took those plates but was confused. He had no idea what to do with them. He could not read and understand those writings, but the Holy Spirit inspired him. With the help of Oliver Cowdery, his close friend, who was a teacher; Joseph started translating the Holy Scripture.

Book of the Mormons

After many years in translating the Holy Writ that took place from 1827-1830, the whole writing of the Holy Scripture was prosperously done. Joseph Smith testified that the Mormons have important role in preserving those old writings. This had become the official Book of the Mormons, which was officially believed that it was another covenant of Jesus Christ.

And this book became the identity of each member of the Mormon Church, a sacred book, believed by Mormons to be an abridgment by a prophet (Mormon) of a record of certain ancient people in America, written on metal plates. This religion has boosted in America and exists on these days for approximately 179 years. And it is estimated that there are about more than 20 million members around the world with more than 65,000 evangelists. And in the Philippines there are about 400,000 members recorded in 1999 from the year it started in 1951.

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