I Want More Leads For My (Mlm) Business, Should I Use Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is totally new for me! Well I DIDN’T have any idea untill this afternoon when I placed thirty adds all at once with my system.

When you do not know what you are talking about, what gives you the right Remco?

Because by teaching I become better at it of course!

So here I am teaching my new knowledge to you to help you grow!

Why should you use PPC marketing and why not?

Do NOT use PPC Marketing when:

You do not have some startup money (unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing!

You have NO idea what you are doing

You have no system that can do it for you

You did not check the keywords

A capturepage is a page that can capture leads and email adresses. When your page is not good enough your PPC campaign is a waste of money

You do not know what a capture page is, find this out first!

DO use PPC Marketing when:

Your capturepage is tested and proved to be great, used by other leaders in the industry

You have found some good keywords with less than 50000 competitors

Your experience and number of courses seen on keywords is good enough

Based on the keywords you will focus on the right targetaudience

You know what you are doing

You want to make money more quickly and you know what you are doing

You have a system or a leader that can explain you the in’s and out’s

Why do I use PPC marketing?

I just learned enough and let the system do the rest

I want to make money fast (I can lie about it… or not… I am a guy that is honest, I WANT MORE MONEY!

I know I have some GREAT capturepages

I know I am reaching exactly the audience I want to reach

I have a budget that I am willing to spend and I am sure that I will pay no more than $3 per TARGETED lead

I am not very patient to wait untill my article marketing campaign is skyrocketing (SOON!)

What to do next?

What is your target audience?

Write down some keywords and find a keywordprogram that can help with that

Keywords are SO important because they will define how often you are found AND how much you pay per per click so make sure you watch all the video’s and trainings you can about this!

Find a person or a system that can teach you or do it for you

Decide how much you want to spend daily or monthly on PPC and be carefull with the money you invest.

Make sure your capturepages or sales pages will have a high conversionrate

Make sure you handle your leads with care, you can spend money on PPC but when you do not do anything to get your leads into your business then it’s all for nothing of course

I am here to help!