Ice Cream Sandwich

Here are some features and advantages of the system Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

Android Beam
This is a feature where the second Android device exchanging data information. In this case fata which can be shared can be either exchange your favorite application, contacts, music, video and any files. Indeed, these features make use of NFC technology. With just one touch on Android devices and press to directly perform file transfer.

Unlock Face
Andorid 4.0 introduces a completely new approach to secure the device and make everyone more personal device. With the unlock Face features, ICS Android device can recognize faces and unlock the screen with the face of the user identification process.

New Lock Screen Action
Screen locking system now allows you to perform activities without having to unlock the screen. From the lock screen slider, andadapat jump directly to the camera or get straight to the window to check the message notifications. When listening to music, you can even set up a music track and view album art.

More powerful Web Browsing
Android Browser ICS offers a rich and comfortable experience as a desktop browser. This allows you to manage your Google Chrome bookmarks from all your accounts, jump into your favorite content faster. The others, you can set preferences for the website separately for each browser tab.

Input is the ability to increase
Text Input capabilities on Android ICS increases so more quickly and accurately. Error correction and word suggestions further improved through the new default dictionary is more accurate. Android 4.0 adds spell-checker that locates and underlines errors and suggested replacement words. With one tap, you can choose from several spelling suggestions, or deleting the wrong word.

Font Roboto
New fonts adapted this latest Android OS looks cool because it forms a round letter and in accordance with HD quality on the screen Nexus. Although only just a new font, the difference was more comfortable on the eyes.

    Homescreen widgets in enhanced
In addition to providing dikecil widget that can be exaggerated in size, Ice Cream Sandwich to create a new folder features and customization of action bars. I really make more shortcuts!

    Snap more quickly and directly edit in place
Although the phone is locked, you can simply jeprat-snap with the camera. Before distribution to Facebook, you can also edit images directly by an application called Instagram. Wait no more advantages, like a panoramic photo? Can!

Integrated Google +
Google + (Plus Google), social networking sites and the newly launched Google touted as the biggest competitor has been pinned up in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Remember hangout features I’ve discussed in the article Google +? Well you can in this Nexus teleconferencing with many people at once. In addition to hangout, standard features such as on Facebook you can also find on Google +.

    Face detection
This feature is not a feature to recognize faces when entering the camera and take pictures automatically. This is a feature to unlock the phone just by facial recognition. What if there are acne and hair pieces to change it? Looks like Google had anticipated.

    Video multifunctional
When recording video, you can also take photos with this Ice Cream Sandwich. When played back, the video features Ice Cream Sandwich provides slow motion or fast motion. Photograph while recording video? Oh cool!

    Android Beam
This is similar to the NFC (Near Field Communication) is in its BlackBerry OS 7. BlackBerry is superior to the issue that has brought the two NFC handset, the BlackBerry Dakota and BlackBerry Appolo.

    Siri on Android?
It seems that Google started to follow Apple in this voice command recognition feature. Yes, the Ice Cream Sandwich, Google provides the voice command feature where the text is said to be straight up. Although both voice-based commands, Siri is far superior and more appropriately referred to as a personal assistant.

    Video that shows the greatness of Android Ice Cream Sandwich at Galaxy Nexus:

    Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS are pinned on Galaxy Nexus has an all-touch menu. Not surprisingly given the Galaxy Nexus has no physical buttons. Could this be a sign that the Ice Cream Sandwich is only for all-touch phones? Or maybe all-touch phones will soon be brought Google to rival iPhone 4S?