If I Could Only Please, Poem

If Only I Could Please

Oh, if only I could please my love, throughout the chill of night

To hear her call my name out loud, to cry in mad delight

If ever I could see her eyes, deep and fully black

Roll white and round within her head, caught firm in desperate rapt

I dream of her with arching back and limbs wrapped warmly tight

When everything she’s ever dreamed, is slain upon her breast

I somehow know she thinks of me, as good and kind and sweet

If only I could show her true, just what a Saint I ain’t

If only when I wasn’t there, her thighs did squeeze, if slight

To simple little thoughts of me, of us, in dreamy candles light

If I could yet but touch and tease, return what she gives me

I’d give to her soft cries and squeals, through nights eternity

I pray one day that this I’ll learn, and do so selfishly

To take her pleasure, all I’ve earned, like flowers take the bee

For If not of me, her thoughts do roam, in twilight’s somber flight

Then fade she shall, as sun warmed mists, I…wail and cry goodnight

The End

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks