If you have to go to the bathroom…be sure to clean up.

I work in an office supply store, not a hospital, nor an “old-folks” home.

 Today, was one of the worst days imaginable. I happened to be cashiering at the time, and a foul stench reached my nose. I thought it was the gentleman in front of me, who had possibly accidentally, passed gaseous fumes….But to my horror, the smell became totally unbearable when the next customer (an elderly, heavy-set woman) came forward…It smelled so bad, a horrid stench wafted from her, comparable to an unwashed-dog smell mixed with reekng sewer…

The woman had literally had a bowel movement standing in line. And to make matters worse, she ran back to our public restroom and left a feces covered adult diaper and underwear in the handicapped stall, and smeared feces along the wall toilet and door.  

What provokes a grown woman to stand in line and make such a mes in our restroom? She didn’t want to lose her place in line…

We could have held her stuff, and she did not have to leave her…unmentionables in our restroom…we had to close the restroom down for the next 4 hours and bleach it clean…the spray lysol everywhere…I am just thnkful I did not have to clean it up.

While tending to your bathroom duties, please, for the love of all that is holy…clean up after yourself, if you make a mess on the seat…wipe it off…if you have an accident, at least have the courage to throw away the soiled garments…don’t just strip them off and leave them scattered on a public floor…

It’s gross, and EXTREMELY unhealthy….care for your fellow human, clean up after yourself.