Ilove IM when in places as Colleges and Offices the administrators block the access to messenger services. Iloveim is a web based instant messenger which allows you to have online conversations which your contacts. So, installing a IM (Instant Messenger) software, action which takes some minutes, is not necessary due to

The site displays first a screen that shows the different services which can be accessed through Iloveim. Undoubtedly, the ones that are there are the most important email services. These are the following: MSN, or Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Gtalk, AIM, Old MSN and MySpace. Yes, there can be accessed too the social networking site MySpace, and Iloveim allows the users of this social network to talk with their friends there.

How can I use Iloveim? This question’s answer is the same that the one regarding how to use any messenger software or service. So, the only two things you have to do once you have entered to the Iloveim website is to type the email of the service you want to access, and also to write its respective password. With this, there is displayed a new screen which contains all the necessary tools for chatting with your contacts. For example, there are available emoticons, options for changing the font color, among other nice options.

Iloveim’s website contains other tabs which you can see in the upper side of the screen. There is the About tab, which talks about the history of Iloveim; next to this we find the Products section which is focused in those websites and organizations that want to be associated with Later, web can see other tabs as Privacy (which protects your privacy inside this IM), Advertise, and Contacts.

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