Important Factors That Cause Addiction

Addiction is the word used to describe the condition or fact of being addicted to any particular thing or activity.

After the word addiction comes to our mind, we think of alcohol or drug addiction. But apart from these addictions, there are many other types of addictions that affect the people of all background.

Types of Addictions:

•Alcohol Addiction

•Drug Addiction

•Food Addiction

•Internet Addiction

Factors Causing Addiction:

Experts believe that stress, depression, anxiety and boredom can lead a person to try drugs or go for alcohol. Some of the important factors that are indicator for addiction are


The place where you are brought up can influence whether you develop an addiction. Spending more time with addicts will increase your possibility of developing same kind of habits.


If your friends are addicts, they may force you to become addict or convince you to try some addictions resulting in becoming an addict.

•Emotional Disorders:

Emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or stress disorders often increase the risk of addictive behavior.


The work loads and stress in the business and offices may lead to drug and alcohol addiction.


It is believed that addictions like alcoholism may be hereditary. Persons from families with history of alcoholic addiction are more likely to develop the disease.

•Dealing with Thoughts and Feelings:

Individual having trouble in dealing with trials and tribulations in their lives may start using drugs or alcohol to calm down. Person who feels shy in social environment may find it easy to interact with people after drinking or taking drugs.

Addiction Treatment:

There are many rehabilitation centers that provide treatment on different addictions. The addiction rehabilitation treatment includes different rehabilitation programs. Treatment can be carried-out in two ways – inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment.

It is important to choose the proper addiction rehabilitation program that suits your needs and severity of your addiction and get you addiction free.

There are many more causes for addiction. Some of the important factors causing addiction are mentioned above. However, there is no absolute solution when dissecting the cause behind addiction; rehab centers can help you live life free from addiction.

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