Important LSAT Information and the Best LSAT Books

The LSAT is an exam that you have to prepare for and study wisely. This study ethic will help you very much when you enter law school. To get into a good law school you want to try and get your scores as close to 180 as you possibly can, but anything above 155 can get you into a pretty good school, be it private or state. To go to a top 14 law school, you really need to score in the 170’s and have a good GPA and letters of recommendation.

Enroll for and take the LSAT in June, so that if you have to redo it, you can take it in October and still have your applications in on time. Make sure you have your scores sent to every school you are going to apply to.

Some people who can not motivate themselves to study consistently and don’t have self-discipline should think about taking a prep class, with a company like Testmasters or Powerscore, you can see more about taking a test prep class here.

However, if you are committed to studying yourself and don’t want to spend the big bucks on a test prep class, there are definitely some books that will help you score better on the LSAT. For a review of the books and prices you can check here.

First of all, let’s talk about the logic games, the section that most people find the hardest. Some people refer to them as the LSAT games, thinking that LSAT is playing games with their head and confidence. To score well in the logic games, you need to purchase the Powerscore Logic Games Bible, for a better review you can read here.

For the rest of the test the best LSAT books to study from are actually the LSAC past copies of the test. Practice, practice, practice and you will do well!