Important Marketing techniques and business development tips

Marketing is one of the challenging jobs these days due to high competition in every industry. Project design, cost estimation, Financing, Production and Manufacturing etc, all these come under a platform and bring out a new product to the market. But marketing department has to take that product into the public and sell the product.

Marketing requires lot of work around i.e. market survey and study of competitors,  monthly and quarterly sales projections, applying organization’s own strategies to sell the product such as offering discounts, reducing the prices, buy one get one, etc. In order to sell the several type of products there are various types of business development and marketing methods exist. They are advertising through print and telecasting media, online marketing, product promotion by representatives, customer care or via telephone calling, door to door sales, etc.

Marketing a product includes appointing distributors and supplying the products to distributors, ensuring the availability of product at retailers as well. A new product may take some time to go into the public due to competitors who are already well established in the market, but slowly picks up the sales with regular customer interaction and various promotional methods. If we discuss about the income and salaries of employees who are working in the marketing industry, earnings are pretty good in marketing jobs. There is heavy responsibility but at the same time employee can earn nice income for that in terms of allowances, sales incentives apart from salary. They will be given a target and if target is achieved in a given period of time, then he or she is eligible for incentives. Only thing is it requires lot of hard work, patience and interaction skills. There are many marketing strategies are there. Let’s discuss few basic and important techniques of marketing.

  1. Representative must promote the product with confidence assuming that it is his or her own product and highlight the advantages of your product over the leading competitors without telling brand names of the competitors.
  2. Sometimes customer may be in different mood and may give negative or harsh response on your product, just don’t take it to the heart and reply them in a polite manner. Give them assurance and explain them the past good track record of sales. Try to convince professionally, but don’t force them to buy with too much of requests and using kind words.
  3. 3.     Do proper market survey, Build the contacts, visit regularly, greet the customers possibly remembering the names and discuss with different professional strategies based on the mood and nature of the customer.
  4. 4.     Customer care and tele-calling executives should always greet the customer first and ask the customer permission to speak about product and explain the product. Assume that you are speaking with the customer face to face and maintain your concentration levels.
  5. 5.     If any of the information which customer is interested to know and you do not know about that to clarify then don’t give the false information and take their contact details and get back with the required information as soon as possible. So that the customer may show interest to buy the product.