IMPORTANT UPDATE -money investment that could make a million pound or more!!

hello again,

This is just to inform EVERYONE that on my  previous log entry called “money investment that could make a million pound or more!! ” has now had to be updated here because it has come to my atention that our wonderfull government our yet again taking away another chance for people like myself a chance to have a easier life financially.

what have they done i hear you say?……

they’ve taken one of the two chances of being a millionarre in the saving bonds scheme AWAY!

now i still dont believe this!

thier reason for doing so? – to save money / and the economy in the current state etc

now obviously £24 million pound per year sounds alot to give away however its not when the government spend money on stupid things like £25,000 on a painting at a hospital – because i could see that money going to have a nurse in that hospital to lower the 6 hour waiting list!

you get my drift…

saving 12 million is all well and good however with the way we spend money its nothing, its like not giving the local homless guy you walk by everyday his 10p that you usually give him and then giving another homless guy  (in this case a homless country) £200 just so you can show your “mates” at the EU that your a good person. – it doesnt add up. your costing the country. mr brown your a waste dont try emulate mr blair just because he’s now even higher up in the world you dont deserve to be running our country let alone a voice for europe.

grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! thats how annoyed i am at this man right now, give me 3 years and i’ll put this country back on the straight and narrow!

anyway just to clarify

there is now only one chance of winning the 1 mill prize every month – but a few more chances of winning a lot less!!

sorry people