In a mind washing high


Yesterday I sat stunned watching a program on television about cults. What I kept asking myself was who goes along with some person who tells you that someday soon you are going to kill yourself with him and take as many people that you can along with you. I realised that 60 % of the people here on earth probably would. Because a lot of people are brain-washed I believe.

I read in a book recently that people are generally not willing to think for themselves and are constantly looking for leaders and waiting for someone to tell them what to do. And when they find that someone they will gladly go along with what that person says. It’s crazy!

Somehow free thinkers are seen as the crazy ones but I think it’s vice versa. When you question things that the majority generally goes along with then there must be something wrong with you.

One day I was sitting with two friends of mine that I consider as free thinkers and open minded but I was quite surprised that they were big fans of Oprah. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Oprah or anything; I actually admire her wealth and success. But beyond that I don’t think much of her vanity. Well I think you’ve got to be pretty vain to have at least to shows a year about your favourite goodies and we in our high; jump up clapping frantically and screaming our lungs out because Oprah just gave us things that she’s used. Someone who has a magazine that features her picture every month, someone who has a show about her favourite musicians.

I guess that’s why her show is called Oprah because it’s about her not us. So if everything is so much about her, why do we idolise her so much then? Makes me wonder how much she really cares about us anyway. Seems to me that people just love lapping things up.