In Days of Old When Knights Were Bold or Learning From Medieval Weapons

In days of old when knights were bold or learning from Medieval Weapons

By Joseph Parish 

I am a big time fan of history and in particular that history which deals with wars and battle strategy. I believe that even modern day warriors can often learn something from the various military leaders of long past ages. Imagine for a moment that you could jump into a time machine and travel back to the year 1232. Before you lies a huge Saxon castle in Northern Europe busy fending off an enemy attack.

As you watch the thousands of soldiers fighting gallantly you can not help but wonder how you could influence the outcome of the war if you only had modern weaponry here at your disposal. You watch as each side strikes at the other while flashes of their swords gleam in the sunlight. You think of how brave these fighters are although you fully understand that regardless of how brave and courageous they are the ultimate conclusion will be determined by the weapons which they have at their disposal.

Generally weapons from those ages can be separated into one of three different classes.  The Melee or the hand to hand weapons would include the usual swords and clubs as well as the likes of daggers and axes. The missile like weapons is the next type and they usually include the normal string bows and arrows as well as the crossbow. The last group is the larger siege weapons which will include the catapult and battering rams.

I mention these weapons because if bad came to worse we as survivors may be forced to return to the skills required of these early fighters. These interesting weapons served not only as self defense but as a means for acquiring food to feed ones family. Keep in mind you could not merely venture into your local grocery store and purchase the supplies for the evening meal.

The history of the various groups of weapons goes back hundreds of thousands of years. As an example the melee weapons existed in the time if the Neanderthal times when the humanoids used clubs. These stick weapons were eventually replaced by the more effective blade weapons. Eventually spikes were installed on the clubs making them considerably more deadly. These maces soon were traded in for morning stars which were similar to the mace but had a chain attached between the head and the handle.

It seems that swords have been considered the mainstay of the medieval weapons and no self respecting knight would be left without one. The thing is that swords were not a weapon of choice for the average man. First off they were extremely difficult to make and as such were relatively costly.

Why do I mention these facts concerning such obviously primitive weapons? Simply because there may come a time in our not to far off distant future when we may once again have to rely upon these medieval means for defending our family or hunting for our livelihood. As such it would certainly be to our benefit to learn the basics of how the knights of old used their survival tools. When I lived in Europe I made it a point to learn fencing and you would be surprised how many local universities or colleges have such classes established. If I were you I would sign up for one of these training courses. Remember knowledge is power.

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