In Defense of the 2nd Amendment

There have been many attacks on the 2nd amendment following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook. These attacks are made usually out of ignorance and a lack of facts about guns and gun deaths. Things like stricter background checks, registration of guns, along with capping the size of a magazine or banning a specific type of gun. All of these so called common sense measures do nothing to prevent gun violence and instead only weaken the 2nd amendment and erode more of our rights as Americans.

There are already background checks for firearms that are bought legally. Most shootings occur with stolen guns that most likely were purchased after passing a background check and then stolen by criminals to be used in shootings. Therefore making it harder for lawful citizens to purchase a gun isn’;t going to stop a criminal from stealing it.

Registering guns is another common theme among gun control advocates. Again most gun murders are committed by criminals or gang members who have acquired the guns illegally. Registering a gun will only trace the gun back to its legal owner not the one who will likely use it. Registering of guns has one sole purpose and that is to keep a registry of gun owners so the government knows who has the guns and where to go to confiscate them.

Capping the size of a gun magazine is also irrelevant. The time it takes to switch out a magazine to shoot more rounds is seconds and when the police are minutes away does it really matter if the shooter has a 30 round magazine or three 10 round magazines. The time to reload is literally maybe 2 seconds a piece and will not make any difference. Also the majority of gun murders in America are committed by handguns not by so called “assault rifles” which are so demonized.

Banning semi-automatic rifles would not do anything to reduce the amount of gun violence in the country. According to FBI crime statistics in 2011 only 323 murders were committed with rifles of any kind let alone ones with high capacity magazines. Compare that to the fact that in the same year 728 were beaten to death with hands and feet. Going by the statistics it would be more relevant and prevent more murders to ban hands and feet than rifles.

Support the 2nd amendment and research the facts for yourself. Don’;t allow the mainstream media to use its propaganda to demonize guns and gun owners.