IN Search OF Our Soulmate

It’s nice to talk about our soul mate. How happy are we to know who will be the one — our very own soulmate.

Each of us have our own soul mate. But if we take a look, we were destined to meet alot of soul mate. Not one but more than one. In our trip for quest to our soulmate, we met people whom we knew they are ‘the one’. But then and again, we just end up in a dead end. They are not our soulmate as what we knew.

For me, soulmate is the one destined to be with us forever. Today, if we look back, soulmate can be just the one destined for a couple of years, months, days, or even for a second. Is this because we met the person for us and we choose them not? Is there really a soulmate for each of us?

Yes. there really is a soulmate. The only thing is soulmates can be good or bad for us. Couples succeed but some went miserable. You will be lucky if you meet your soulmate who will bring you prosperity and happiness. However, if your soul mate only brings you hardships and hurt in your heart, then expect that you will experience extreme sorrow.

In our quest to search for our soulmate, it is important to know better the person we are dating. It is not about how we felt. Its not about we feel that we love already the person and thinking he/she is the one.

That is why we will give everything to him/her. To the point nothing was left for us. “This is super very wrong.” We still need to love ourselves. We might meet the person who is bad influence to us. Handle our lovelife with care!

Most of the time, we meet our soulmate in a moment when we are so down in our lives — broken hearted, financial problem, so sick.   This is the time when we possibly met the good soulmate. But things is’nt always that way. Everything changes. Minds can change. Feelings can change. Just get to know more the person you are dating.

A soulmate you could find in bar, disco, party and other places for fun could hardly say that they are a good soulmate for you. Just like you, they went there to have fun. But then and again, some soulmate you see in the said places could be your the one. We cannot tell. They maybe your good soulmate. If you found a soulmate here, you must be alert. You might be on a wrong point of the road.

Do not be so eager to find your soulmate. As I have said, there are plenty of fish in the sea. I mean there are a lot of soulmate. Much better if you will not find them. Soulmate is a soulmate. You will meet them unintentionally at the right time. Each of us have our own soulmate and if we meet them at the right time, I assure you, they are a good soulmate to us that will bring luck and joy in our life.