In The Eyes of Fortunato

 It was once I sit near the window staring up at the white ash clouds, passing to the aisle of wide blue sky. It was then before I wonder how the world exist and how the yellow-crowned sun. And upon staring up at the sky it seems like the ray of the sun blends, forming a huge mirror. There, I saw an image of myself, a reflection that tells and describe a wonderful creation. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was really me. And that is how I consider myself and so be it for that is what “I am”, not a great one, yet a loving simple masterpiece of God.

            Fortunato – that is what they had been calling me. Behind that name is a person who had so many questions in life. Questions that even a child may like to ask too. Why do birds fly when flapping their wings? Where was the beginning fountain of the falls? These things may not affect us on our daily lifestyle. However, thinking such things could help us people uplift our way of thinking. And again, that’s one of my hobbies. I am the type of an individual who had fun of making tiny things into a magnificent one. I am someone who really has a wider vision. I believe that through having such characteristic and of course with necessary drive, great things can be accomplish.

            Moreover, socially, I am approachable. I love watching people and reading their minds. I am friendly in a way that I simply like looking at human beings. Oppositely is that I could be somebody’s worst enemy. I am too much to handle. My value as a friend is something that you cannot put a price tag on.  I love Mathematics and Sciences. I like seeing paintings and deliberate the idea that it portrays and I can also predict different auras. So much with those things, I also enjoy watching the sun rises up in the East and set in the West. I love listening to the bird’s sweetest choral performances and most of the time I have this attitude of smelling the essence of morning fragrances which welcomes the day. I really love everything within the boundary of nature.

            Furthermore, one thing that is innate to me is that I know how to appreciate things. I believe that life can be more beautiful if we learn to appreciate and it is a nice feeling of living the world with lots to worship. Through doing such thing, I could truly find peace, thinking that life is the most pleasing package gift from Him. With that idea, we must know how to value things around us. The way they exist is as important as how did we. Expressing ourselves into our fullness being may help us understand the mysteries of life.

            Adjectives are too many to mention to describe myself physically, morally and spiritually. I think that the best word to describe myself in all aspects in life is that I am simply amazing. However, at the end of the day, it is still in the beholder. In the vicinity of your naked eye, “I am” the way you want me to be.