In The Hands of a Good Father

In each home there is a figure of strength, firmness, and stability. He is the strength against the outside force that will try to wreck havoc to every peaceful home. He is firm in making decision to up hold the welfare of his family. And He is the stability from the shaking of each problem the family will be facing. This is no other than a father and it is not just a father but a loving father indeed. This loving father will be the strength of the household. He will stand to face any invasion that will try to demolish the relationship of the family. He will establish his family with love for he knows that love is an enduring thing. His fortress would be his home that is engineered in love; he will not entertain any attempt of rebellion because he knows he had established his home in love, if there is any, he will not be harsh but check it with kind and a loving approach.

This loving father will be firm in his decision for a better household. He will position himself firm to every blow of desperation from the outside force which will try to demoralize the family. He will establish firmly his family with profuse love so that his family will endure up to its ages. His stand will be strong against the attempt of destructing the moral principle that he embedded in his home. He will not allow premature decision that sooner ends up into naught. This loving father will be stable in his household from the magnitude of fear and doubt. His stability will be known to every member and will erase their fear from the cliché of the corrupt mentality of others. His stability is due to his effort in establishing his family in love for love conquers all fears and stay forever. So in love, he will layout his plan for the very sake of his family. A loving father will not abuse his authority instead he will use it in establishing a lasting, firm and stable family.

This is possible because he does not only command but well in workgroup, and he leads with authority while he work with humility. He is not tyrant in his ego but always considerate to the weak member of his family, teaching and sharing his ways in a peaceable manner and yet in his agreeable decision he would be as strict as he could be. A loving father is approachable and ready to listen to his children’s voice of fear and doubt. He is not irritated by questions of hopelessness but instead gives the assurance of a better solution. He is not easily angered by the whims of the member of his household but he is loving enough to authoritatively reprimand that person and with a loving hand he corrects every wrong which is committed by the member of his household.

In this coming June 19th let us celebrate the Father’s Day together with our loving and yet authoritative father, don’t fail to say your warm greetings to your awesome father. Be thankful always to your loving father for he is relentless endeavor to uphold strength, firmness, and stability that he put in the family. Be grateful for the things that your father has been sharing to you for the past years this coming Father’s Day. Have that day an atmosphere of thankfulness and you warm greetings will be the augmented approach to your loving father who he is your source of strength, a mentor of firmness, and a model of stability. Let this day will be memorable to you and your father.