Increase Motivation: How To Stay Motivated When Feeling Down

It sometimes can be very hard to stay motivated to do certain things. My motivation levels have been up and been down at times throughout my life. There are times, you know, when you feel totally up to doing something and then all of a sudden you just feel “flat”. Bam! The motivation reaper comes and takes your soul away. The lack of driving force behind your movements and thoughts can feel like a living hell. It has happened to me on several occasions. However, it rarely happens to me anymore. How do I stay motivated?

Feeling a lack of motivation is completely normal. Everyone will feel it at some point in their life. During my childhood I felt it all the time. As do many children growing up. The best thing that has helped me along the way was to not look into what was motivating other people but look into what motivated me. We all have something that motivates us, we just need to look really deep within ourselves. Go ahead and take out a piece of paper and pen and start brainstorming the things that inspire and motivate you. It could be that music motivates you, a friend, a certain thought, or a piece of artwork gets you feeling inspired. Just find what it is that gives you inspiration and use it. Use it constantly and feed your soul what it needs. When your starting to feel down, use that image or music or whatever it is that inspires you. Its like a diabetic who lacks sugar. You must feed your motivation to get it back to normal. You can’t just sit down on the couch and expect to find some motivation between the seats. Have your goals and aspirations thought out and determine which ones are the most important. Is sitting on that couch going to motivate you to achieve your dreams? Is not exercising going to help you get healthy? Its time to feed yourself. To feed your spirit. To benefit your body, mind, and self.

“Well done is better than well said.”
Benjamin Franklin

You can start right now. Right this instant. I know there’s a dream in

your heart that you want to achieve. What’s stopping you? What excuses

are you using? Stop making excuses, find what motivates you, and go out

there and do it. If you can dream it, you can do it!

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