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All Rights Reserved.  Bukisa writers can increase their Google AdSense generated income by increasing traffic to their articles. But how does a writer increase traffic? There are many ways to successfully do this, but for now we will focus on a simple way to save time and gain leads to your own articles by grouping topics.

Let’s say a writer has come up with a fantastic article about gardening. The topic of gardening encompasses a wide range of possible articles, so we will narrow this down to specific topics about gardening. For example:

  • Garden Soils
  • Organic Composts
  • Garden Equipment

Using the old brainstorm bubbling technique, first draw a circle in the center of the page on plain white paper. Then write “garden soils” in the center circle. From there begin thinking about what types of articles you could write relating to garden soils. When you think of a new related topic, simply draw a line from your center circle, add another bubble and write your idea down inside it. Keep doing this until you can no longer think of any new ideas. Sometimes it works well to tack your bubble to the wall or stick it on the refrigerator. Place it in a location you will see it often throughout the day and keep a pen handy to keep adding to your bubble brainstorm on garden soils.

For garden soils you might add sub-bubbles called:

  1. Organic soils
  2. Soil Testing
  3. How to know when garden soil is ready to be planted
  4. Best soils for various vegetables
  5. Pros & Cons of Till or No-Till Gardens
  6. How to Eliminate Weeds in Garden Soils
  7. How to Amend Soils for planting Fruit Trees
  8. What Beneficial Insects Help Garden Soils
  9. What types of Soils Best Support Herbs
  10. Flowers that Thrive in Alkaline Soils

Once you have at least 10 really great topics related to garden soils you can begin creating individual articles about each one. You have a very good road map to ten great articles and you can later feed off of these as well if you like.

By limiting your articles to one basic topic (garden soils) you will save time researching each article because they are related and therefore you will find information that will be useful in many of the ten articles you will write.

Complete each article and publish it right away. No sense sitting on an article when it can be earning income. Now, to increase traffic you simply supply links from each article to the other 9. You can do this by incorporating it within the text of your article or by supplying links at the end. I use both methods so a long list doesn’t always appear at the end.

For example, you could mention soil testing within an article for organic soils. People interested in organic soils will need to know what type of minerals, nutrients or even harmful chemicals exist in their soils. The best way to find out is through soil testing. If you just happen to have another separate article all about soil testing, then you can provide a link to it when it is mentioned in the article. Basically, one article leads to another, which leads to another and so forth. The more the reader sinks their teeth into the topic, the more the reader will be interested in learning more in depth information about the topic. When they are finished reading all 10 articles they will be thoroughly educated on many aspects of garden soils and you will have gained a lot more traffic than just their original hit on one of your articles.

This article topic grouping technique will work with any main topic. The worse thing a writer can do is provide unrelated content or links within their article, which only serves to disappoint their readers. Unhappy readers will stray only when the writer let’s them off the hook.

Publish well-researched, well-written articles about topics you are knowledgeable on. Provide links for more information, guides and much more. It’s like giving your readers the full package deal all in one convenient location. Your readers will enjoy your writing, bookmark your website and return for future reference and reading.

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