Increase Vertical Leap

If you are struggling to increase your vertical and want to be able to jump higher and be able to dunk a basketball you should follow these tips and it will help you to jump higher.

1. First off define your goals. What do you want to achieve? Ex. I want to be able to dunk. I want to increase my vertical 10 inches. Whatever your goals you need to define them so that you can work towards that goal.

2. You must practice jumping to jump higher. Weightlifting, running, playing sports etc. will all help you to reach your goals but you have to practice jumping in order to increase your vertical. Practice your jumping form to make sure that you maximize the ability you already have. You should practice both two-leg jumps and single leg jumps to be efficient with both. If you are planning on using your jumping for a sport such as basketball you will need to be able to jump off both one leg and two.

3. After you have been practicing your jumping and have your form down you need to increase your strength. Weightlifting is a good way to build up strength but be careful when doing it and have a spotter when doing exercises like squats. Its very easy to be injured weightlifting and if your under the age of 14 you should start off with body weight exercises first until you build up enough strength for weights.

4. If you are overweight it will effect your vertical. Losing weight can help to add a couple inches to your vertical. However strength is also important and you should try for a balance between being lean and also strong. Look at the best jumpers in the world they are very strong but also lean.

5. Go out and play whatever sport you are trying to increase your vertical for. The more you play the more exercise you will get and the better off you will be to increase your jumping ability.

This is not a detailed step by step program to increase your vertical this is simply some tips to be aware of when looking to jump higher. Good luck in achieving your goals.